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 One of the 10th floors, No. 398, Section 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Refine Self、Achievements

A Tycoon Successor

Rich people think that they aren't like you

Study with the tycoon

Eight field analysis

The first step of the wealth map

Know what you are good at

The only and most realistic investment simulation field in the world

Let you experience the investment methods in different fields in practice

Don't be fooled, learn the basics of all fields

Decades of experience, expert correct ideas and technical analysis

Become a successful Tycoon!

Time to enter and exit

Even if you choose a good mainstream target, you must do your homework, observe the actual market fluctuations, and enter and exit accurately.

Performance first result

Enter and exit decisively, exercise your decision-making ability, cultivate the concept of cost performance, and master the first principle of reporting rate

Freedom and prosperity

Set goals, truly complete profitability, gradually increase wealth, and achieve financial freedom