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What is the " situation ''?

With the situation going down, is it time to make a big bid and sweep the floor? Don't pick up the knife!

The situation is going up, it is already very expensive, do not chase high? Or set a new high again?

Tycoon Business School teaches you how to make accurate judgments. The timing of your entry will determine the outcome of your appearance!

What is the " situation investment law ''?

The core value of Sun Tzu ’s art of war lies in the  "situation"

The most fundamental ideas, the most practical strategies

Judging the situation of self and investment, letting you make the right decision at the right time

What kind of situation is where the soldiers must compete, and what methods and techniques determine whether the military is dangerous or fast?

Experts from tycoon business schools investing in eight areas

Give you the most specialized experience and wisdom, so you get the knowledge and skills you should have for investment

Gain fruitful results in investment and wealth management and realize true freedom of wealth

Professional lecturer, waiting for you to be the successor of the tycoon!

Real estate king

Over 20 years of experience in investing in real estate, travelling in more than 100 cities, more than 50 countries, countless sales experience

Super talents in the boutique industry, goddess of wisdom and beauty, unforgettable art boutiques, unique taste

Boutique Goddess

Unique vision and precise judgment, the super master of the latest technology, looking for unlimited profitable targets

New Technology Master
Mr. X
Bank Nova

The best new star in the fixed deposit rating, the bank's performance is in the calculation and observation, stability and security are invincible

Senior analyst of all-round funds, the best choice for performance reporting, definitely misses the target of excellent performance

Bond masters tap the development prospects of treasury bonds and companies with outstanding performance and stunning performance

Fund analyst
Bond master
Stock queenLady Black

The queen of stocks has been around for more than 30 years, and the monthly performance has easily reached the standard.

Rapidly attacking and killing, sweeping the turbulent futures market as the world economy fluctuated

Futures Tycoon