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Three measures for policy retirement


Senior citizens plan retirement insurance policies. Life insurance industry reminds them to pay attention to at least three points. First, choose a low threshold annuity insurance policy to start with. Second, make good use of the policy activation function provided by insurance companies. Third, check the policy terms.

Taiwan has become an elderly society in 2018. Retirement planning has long been a national issue. Among them, annuity insurance has been one of the popular retirement preparation tools. With the vigorous development of online insurance, more and more young people choose to apply for annuity insurance online.

According to the statistics of the Financial Management Commission, in the first half of 2019, the premium income of online annuity insurance annuity insurance premiums increased sharply by 124% compared with the same period last year.

Global Life Insurance recommends that young people can start with the goal of saving 100 yuan per day and 3,000 yuan a month. For example, Global Life Insurance's e-risk rate annuity insurance can be insured at 10,000 yuan, and the threshold is low, which is suitable for petty entrepreneurs.

China Life pointed out that it is recommended to choose online insurance to cover "China Life e-card interest rate change annuity insurance (type A)" with credit card payment, to disperse the economic security risks after retirement, and prepare for the economic source of retirement life.

Cathay Life Insurance took the lead in responding to government policies and launched the "Fly Young Life (foreign currency) variable annuity insurance" with a death benefit guarantee mechanism. It uses regular fixed payment methods to accumulate its own retirement benefits. The main regular fixed monthly premium is as low as NT $ 1,000 or US $ 40, which can be easily insured. Assets can be accumulated before retirement and can be transferred to a monthly reversal account after retirement to enjoy stable cash flow, creating a second retirement card.

Second, you can make good use of the policy activation function, mainly in response to the entry of people into the aging society. Life insurance companies have successively proposed that if they are customers of specific life insurance products, they can convert existing life insurance policies into medical insurance, long-term insurance or annuity insurance. Pay for future medical, care, or living expenses.

However, the life insurance industry also reminds that policy activation is to convert a purely guaranteed life insurance policy into an annuity, medical or long-term insurance that can receive insurance benefits alive. The policies provided before and after the conversion have different protections and different natures. Due to different conditions such as the length of life or the settlement of claims, there are cases where the total amount claimed is lower than the amount of life insurance premiums before the conversion.

Finally, you should review the policy terms and ask professional insurance salespersons to regularly review the policy terms for themselves to avoid failing to apply for a claim when they are in line with the claim situation, or when life is facing a change, and the policy should also turn, but they do not keep up phenomenon.



Denmark will be a testing ground for banks to begin charging customers for deposits. According to Bloomberg, Jyske Bank, Denmark ’s second-largest lender, changed the rules of the game last weekend, removing the protective cover that protects most retail depositors, and lowering the threshold for negative interest rates to more than $ 1 million It is lowered to more than 100,000 US dollars and may continue to be lowered in the future. Other banks hinted that they would follow up, and economists said it symbolized the extent to which a major shift in monetary policy would affect the overall economy. Denmark's latest response to negative interest rates has made the country a compelling case study by the European Central Bank. According to Jan Storup Nielsen, a senior analyst at Nordea, many of the unknown consequences of negative interest rates so far will eventually have an impact in the real world.Jutland Bank said over the weekend that starting December 1, it will impose a negative 0.75% interest rate (that is, a 0.75% interest rate fee) on all corporate deposits and private customers with deposits of more than DKK 750,000 (US $ 110,000). One before, Jutland Bank said it would impose a negative 0.6% interest rate on more than 7.5 million Danish kroner ($ 1.1 million) in deposits. Bank of Denmark Chief Executive Anders Dam said that the Danish central bank this month reduced the key deposit interest rate to a historical low of negative 0.75%. When the bank's excess reserve interest rate deposited with the bank is negative 0.75%, it means The bank will "lose more money." Dam also said that the negative interest rate rule could be extended to more depositors.Under normal circumstances, low interest rates can encourage households to spend more because borrowing costs are low and saving is less attractive. In Denmark, negative interest rates have led to a surge in Danish home loan refinancing, but personal deposit accumulation has also followed a record high. Like most European countries, Denmark's inflationary appetite is weak. According to data from the Danish Statistics Agency in 2017, the cash deposits of more than 163,500 people exceeded DKK 750,000, which has reached the threshold of the EU deposit protection mechanism. Danish central bank economist Rasmus Mandsberg said that more people may now deposit more than this amount, as private savings have increased by almost 14% from that year. According to the central bank, the total amount of savings up to July is 1 trillion Danish kroner. For consumers, it is more reasonable to put cash in a zero interest rate deposit account rather than invest in short-term market commodities with negative interest rates. Therefore, Jutland Bank ’s negative interest rate deposit decision has a wider impact, ranging from debt levels to inflation.

Danish Consumer Council economist Ida Marie Moesby is concerned that negative interest rate deposits "will encourage people to invest in risky assets."


ETF returns are king in the interest rate cut

Many countries around the world have entered the era of negative interest rates. Coupled with the Federal Reserve ’s announcement of a one-yard interest rate cut, investors ’demand for profit has been strengthened. The two domestic ETF experts point out that if investors cannot always review their investment groups, it is recommended to choose volatility ETFs with low returns and robust returns. Cathay Investment said that investing in an ETF is equivalent to investing in a basket of securities and commodities, which not only helps to diversify risks, but also professional managers will regularly review and replace constituent stocks, which can save a lot of time and energy. Investors can save cash and The interest rate and the long-term performance of the actual index will determine the ETF that is suitable for you. Yuanta Investment Letter mentioned that investors can also conduct further screening on product brand, scale, dividend distribution, and interest-filling performance. The most important thing is to adhere to the principles of decentralization and discipline, including diversified types, diversified allocation of stock and debt, and The investment time is scattered, batch distribution, regular quota, etc. are adopted, and the overall long-term return on investment is taken into consideration.Further observation, domestic ETFs with a dividend mechanism include stocks, special stocks, and bonds. If investors are looking for a higher yield, they can choose to focus on high-interest ETFs. In addition to the well-known Yuanta High Dividend, there are also Yuanta High Interest Low Wave, Cathay Dividend Select 30, FH FTSE High Interest Low Wave, Rich State Taiwan high quality and high interest rates. Special stocks have the characteristics that creditor's rights and dividends are given priority over ordinary stocks. In addition, with the protection of yield, share price fluctuations are relatively small. They are regarded as instruments with mixed characteristics of stocks and bonds. This type of ETF includes Yuanta US High. Dividend special shares, Fubon US special shares. In addition, financial stocks have low long-term volatility, and the annual dividend distribution is stable. It is also one of the targets for investors' long-term deposits, especially close to elections. Financial stocks are often government-controlled instruments. There is also a chance to earn a spread. If you choose the target poorly, you can also start with financial stock ETFs, such as Yuanta MSCI Financial ETF, Fubon Financial. There are many types of bonds, including public debt, investment grade bonds, emerging market bonds, high-yield bonds, etc. However, high-yield bonds usually have relatively high yields. Although the yield of low-yield ETFs is low, when the stock market fluctuates, usually Have better defense. It is generally recommended to start with investment-grade bonds and then allocate other types of bonds appropriately.


U.S. Congress impeachs Trump

U.S. President Trump speaks on the phone with Ukrainian President Zelensky over alleged telephone pressure storms that have kept him investigating the son of former U.S. Vice President Biden ’s Biden. The speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi announced on Tuesday (24th) Trump launches impeachment investigation. Now the world is concerned about whether Trump will be impeached? The following Q & A answers:

Question: Is there any new evidence to make the House of Representatives act?

Answer: Biden is now seeking Democratic nominations to compete with Trump in next year's US presidential election. The latest news alleges that Trump and Zelensky talked on the phone on July 25. Trump pressured Zelensky to investigate Biden himself and his son Hunt, otherwise he would cut off U.S. relations. Ukrainian aid; Trump has denied such threats. For months, the Trump team has accused Biden of improperly using power to prevent units from investigating his son's business activities in Ukraine when he served as vice president. If Trump really threatens Zelensky to investigate political opponents, it is obviously an abuse of power that only cares about his own political interests.

Q: What did Trump explain about the "telephone door"?

A: Trump said that the call with Zelensky was a "broad" reference to all corruption and that he did not want Biden and his son to be involved. Trump emphasized that there was "no exchange conditions" in exchange for what he wanted to do. When Biden's son Hunt was vice president at Biden, he was a member of the board of directors of a large Ukrainian private gas company, and Trump and Republican members of Congress constantly questioned it.

Question: Will Trump be impeached?

Answer: The possibility is not high. The impeachment case requires the approval of both the Senate and the House of Representatives to be established. The opposition Democrats currently have 235 seats in the House of Representatives, 199 Republicans, and one independent. So in the House of Representatives phase, the Democrats can pass the impeachment case without Republican support. However, after the case went to the Senate, the Senate Republican Party held 53 seats, the Democratic Party 45 seats, and 2 independent seats. Although most independent senators often cooperate with the Democratic Party, the impeachment case for the removal of the president requires 67 votes of the Senate to be established. (Further reading: Membership / Time is right! Democrats launch impeachment investigation against Trump ... with these electoral considerations) Therefore, unless at least 20 Republican senators vote to agree to impeachment, Trump will Leaving the White House. And the Republican majority in the Senate You can immediately remove allegations of impeachment against Trump without reviewing the evidence.

Q: Has the US President stepped down due to impeachment?

Answer: No. Nixon resigned before he was impeached. As early as 1868, President Andrew Johnson and Clinton's impeachment cases from the end of 1998 to the beginning of 1999 were only completed in the House of Representatives, but were not passed in the Senate.


Buffett's 30-year investment philosophy

The US stock market has undergone tremendous changes in the past 34 years, such as low-cost passive investment, the rapid rise of algorithmic trading, and digital financial reports that can be instantly presented to investors. But the most admired "stock god" on Wall Street has been for decades, and has always followed its usual investment mentality.

The financial website CNBC reported that during the early years of Warren Buffett's television interviews, he constantly advocated that when investing, he must always hold a "pick the bargain" mentality, and at the same time "stay calm", occasionally interspersed with some "baseball theory." Fans familiar with Buffett's investment mindset should immediately discover that their idols have been consistent along the way.

●Not easy to swing

Buffett said, "In the field of securities, the stock prices of thousands of large U.S. companies are constantly changing every day. Sometimes a good shot may occur, but if you are not familiar with it, you do not have to swing. You can wait and see until it is the best Swing again when the ball is thrown out. "Buffett said in 1985 that the key to value investment is that investors use" experts "to determine the true value of the investment target. Sometimes, when the price of a stock falls too much, it can be found. A profitable opportunity.

Buffett reiterated the importance of the "Circle of Competence" at the Berkshire shareholder meeting 14 years later. He pointed out that "Everyone specializes in different fields." The most important thing is to understand what he knows .

●`` Mindness '' is more important than high IQ

Buffett has always attributed his achievements to the "competence circle". He also prefers to invest in companies with low debt, stable cash flow and excellent management team. He told Money World host Goodman in 1985 that an outstanding trader may not have to be a genius, but must not be changed. "A stable personality is indispensable. Your mood cannot be encouraged by the same direction or departure from the general direction, Investing is not about polling, it's about thinking. "Another concept that the already-aged 89 investor kept referring to was holding stocks as proof of ownership. "Most professional investors focus on the performance of a stock in the next one or two years, and will do their best They approach the goal in various ways, but they do n’t think they own a part of the company. Test whether you invest in a stock from the value side, depending on whether you care if the stock market will open tomorrow. Even if the stock market is closed for five years, it won't bother you. "